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Protect and share client privileged information with assurance that it will be available to only the intended audience throughout its discovery and disclosure lifecycle.

Legal Challenges That WindTalker Addresses:

Preserve Sacrosanct Privileges »

How well do you manage your Privilege Logs?
File protection is not enough. WindTalker provides protection of the data itself — across every step of the litigation process. The risk and pain associated with managing privilege logs is eliminated.

Manage PTO Compliance »

Do you CONTROL PTO visibility and access?
Everyone is on the trust system… until they get caught! WTS enables you to track all opens, prints, and shares, determine if a PTO is violated, and then mitigate the damage.

Defeat Waiver Arguments »

How often do you WIN waiver arguments?
When information is inadvertently released, you will need to prove that your firm took reasonable care to protect against a breach. WindTalker IS that protection for all disclosed documents.

Strengthen Your PTO Position »

Can you DEFEND your PTO?
A PTO defines access levels to a range of stakeholders. WTS enables compliance for all parties within one version of any document. Once the case is over, access can be remotely shut-off.


“The value of WindTalker is not just more or better security — WindTalker reduces steps in the workflow to protect and share privileged information, creating significant ROI to the firm. Better security that drives lower cost!”

— Managing Partner, Top 50 Law Firm

WindTalker enables one document to be protected for all stakeholders within a litigation process.

WindTalker Diagram for Legal Services

White Paper

Perils of Filing Confidential Information in the Cyber Age

WindTalker Security Makes it Possible to adhere to ABA ethical standards for client data protection

Ethics rules impose duties on attorneys to control access to confidential client information and implement reasonable information security practices to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of client data. The failure to protect client data can lead to a disastrous domino effect — one from which WindTalker Security is designed specifically to protect you and your firm.