Our Solution

True Control Over Need-to-know

WindTalker is a data security and information privacy platform that enables protected movement and sharing of information. Integrations with Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat software allows the application of precision encryption to specific portions of sensitive content within structured and unstructured data formats.

WindTalker’s precision encryption enables users to easily protect and share their sensitive information.


Cyber-attacks are increasing in number and sophistication. A typical response to data breaches often involves immediate data lockdowns, onerous rules, and more restrictive policies. These responses are outdated and ineffective.

Information is the life blood of an organization. WindTalker’s precision encryption is the digital scalpel that allows the critical flow of information
by protecting the data itself, at all times.


WindTalker’s precision encryption works seamlessly inside documents. No matter how small sensitive information is, it can be protected at all times. The data owner controls who has permission to see each section of the document, and when. WindTalker’s application of FIPS certified military grade encryption is unparalleled.

WindTalker is the solution to differential document sharing, enabling “Need to Know” classification out of the box.


  • Integrated Plug-in to Adobe PDF
  • Protects Content: characters, words, paragraphs, images, etc.
  • Manual or Auto Protection of Content
  • Managed read, write, print permissions
  • Role Based Redaction and Data Classification
  • Auditing and Logging of Protected Content
  • Information Security Policy Enforcement
  • FIPS Certified Encryption (AES-256 minimum)
  • Configurable Encryption (algorithm library)


WindTalker’s comprehensive logging and permission tools enable organizations to easily comply with state and federal regulations, such as HIPAA.