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Legal Services – Defeat Waiver Arguments


Can your current process DEFEAT waiver arguments?

  • Whether by your own staff, a mistake made by a court custodian, or that of a third-party litigation support company (for which you are responsible), privileged documents can be (and frequently are) inadvertently disclosed.

  • When this happens, the Magistrate will determine whether you took reasonable care to protect against the conditions that caused that waiver.

  • WindTalker protects all documents from the moment they touch your hands until the case is over. If disclosure to an unauthorized person occurs, WindTalker proves you employed state-of-the-art cyber-protection to prevent and protect against waiver.

When privileged documents were improperly disclosed, were you able to recover privilege?

WindTalker IS THE ANSWER to Waiver arguments:


White Paper

Perils of Filing Confidential Information in the Cyber Age

WindTalker Security Makes it Possible to adhere to ABA ethical standards for client data protection

Ethics rules impose duties on attorneys to control access to confidential client information and implement reasonable information security practices to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of client data. The failure to protect client data can lead to a disastrous domino effect — one from which WindTalker Security is designed specifically to protect you and your firm.